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06/11/2023 01 Perfecting Unity’s Billboard Shader for 2D Characters - Part 1

13/11/2023 02 Perfecting Unity’s Billboard Shader for 2D Characters - Part 2

28/12/2023 03 Perfecting Unity’s Billboard Shader for 2D Characters - Part 3

30/03/2024 04 Perfecting Unity’s Billboard Shader for Grass - Part 1

The World Map

The world map has always been an important part of role playing games. It wasn’t just a way of allowing your journey to span entire continents without having everything to scale, it gave you freedom to explore.

While many games have tried to replace the world map with an open world, small instanced levels, forced progression or even a menu screen, these all have their limitations. They do not have the impact of stepping into the world map for the first time and realising that there is so much more to the game than you originally thought.


The Changing Scale of the World

The world of Pangaea belongs to no particular star or galaxy. It drifts throughout the cosmos on its endless interstellar journey. No-one living on Pangaea has ever discovered its true size or shape. Most assume it is round, others argue it is flat, some suggest it is square, and a few believe it to be infinite. All that is known is that it is large enough to attract its own solar system of orbiting stars and planets.

Spiral Fantasy is designed to take full advantage of the world map. Each block you see is actually hundreds of metres across, and when you go into battle you see the world at its true scale. This reveals dense forests, fields of grass and the real form of the monsters.


The Progression of Time

The world itself is vast and ever-changing. The full simulation of time, weather and seasons changes what strategies will be effective in battle, along with the different climates across the world.


The Spiral Warriors

So, who do you play as in Spiral Fantasy? Well, you of course! Or anyone you want to be. Are you the kind of person to name your characters after yourself and your friends, your favourite characters, or just a party of default characters named AAAA?